How Bacteria went from “Eww” to “Ahh”

With every public door handle, subway rail, or introduction of a stranger, our subconscious goes straight to germs. Last year, the largest producer of hand sanitizer brought in $83 million in revenue; what we grew up thinking was going to make us sick has now turned into the latest fad — bacteria. From food poisoning, to probiotics and kombucha, to contemporary art pieces at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; bacteria may actually be beneficial or better yet, even art.

How to STOP being that NERVOUS friend at the party.

The other day I was sent a message from a friend: “Hi Frank. This is kind of a weird thing to ask you, but do you have any tips for social anxiety/confidence? I have this event this week with a group of friends where I’m kind of “known” as the shy person, but I really want to change that. I have become so aware of my every move and worried that people will think I’m weird, so I just don’t say anything at all or reach out to get to know anyone else! Any tips? Thanks in advance!”

How to get into medical school — The TOP 6 things you need to know

So to recap — the thing I think every student who is a freshman-junior in college should work on is making sure they have fulfilled all of these important parts of the application. Make sure your GPA and MCAT are competitive. Make sure you have shadowing experience. Make sure you have some type of research experience. Make sure you have some volunteer and leadership experience. And make sure you know what makes you different and what sets you apart.