Lessons of 2017 — A personal Journey

2017 in Review

2017 came and went about as fast as I could tie my shoes, I swear just yesterday it was January 1st, 2017.

Although this year has been a crazy ride — with more opportunities and projects than I could image, I have to stop to say thank you to all of my friends and family along the way. I am truly blessed and could not be more honored to have friends and family who care about me and who support me.
For anyone who has read one of my posts or articles before, you know I love writing and sharing things. This year was the year I got back into good endurance shape and I also founded a podcast, started to help undergrads and premed students, and I helped with an exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum. I pushed myself physically, mentally, and emotionally and also had some humbling experiences along the way.
what I learned
Rather than list out everything in 2017 — I just want to share some thoughts and things I’ve learned throughout this year:

1. Hard Work is the Variable of Success.

So often we get caught up comparing ourselves to our peers or to influencers or celebrities. Sure people get lucky and some are skilled in their craft, but hard work is the only variable that we can control. It is the only thing that will get us to where we want to go.

2. Being nice is always the right thing.

Multiple times this year I was challenged. I have always been calm and composed, for the most part, but this year there were several occasions where I didn’t want to be the bigger person. NYC isn’t always the nicest of cities but I have learned over the years that even if you have to begrudgingly be nice or do the right thing — it always comes back to you. Know your morals and always act ethically no matter who is watching.

3. Service is the ultimate gift.

Everyone says that giving is better than receiving but truly serving and giving your time is better than any gift I could ever receive. This year I definitely did less traditional community service, but I helped hundreds of college students with no fees or strings attached. Helping people who genuinely have no mentors, role models, or advisors is the reason I went into medicine. Physicians serve their patients and give up nights, weekends and holidays to improve the lives of strangers they barely know.

4. No one can take your education from you.

Someone asked me if I’d go back and go to grad school again — without hesitation I blurted “yes”. At the end of the day no matter what happens, no one can take the things I’ve learned or the wisdom I’ve gained from my education.

5. You lose what you don’t work on.

 If you don’t study or stay up to date on a specific topic you will forget what you previously knew. If you don’t run or workout you will lose your fitness. If you don’t eat right, you will lose your health. If you don’t surround yourself with positive people you will forget what it feels like to be positive. If you don’t work to maintain a friendship, you will soon find them gone when you need them the most.
What have you learned this year?
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