Drinking Tea may reduce risk of Glaucoma


For centuries, the world has been drinking tea!
Glaucoma, the leading cause of blindness in the world, is from optic nerve and retinal ganglion cell damage resulting in vision field loss most likely caused by increased intraocular pressure (IOP), blood flow abnormalities, oxidative stress and potentially autoimmune processes. For years, researchers speculated that coffee/tea could increase glaucoma risk because caffeine potentially increases IOP and homocysteine levels. In this study, researchers looked at the correlation of different beverage consumption and glaucoma prevalence from the National health and nutrition examination survey.
While yes this is a correlation study, with no mechanism of action actively identified, it is a cool link that was not previously identified. From the literature that we have, and our current understanding, daily tea consumption may reduce the risk of glaucoma, but I still think we need a lot more studies, including prospective studies, double-blind randomized controlled experiments, and an actual mechanism of action! To be honest, I actually was astounded that this study was touted everywhere in the medical profession. I actually wouldn’t have made a post on it, if it wasn’t for the AMA discussing it in their daily morning rounds. I feel a lot more research must be done to better understand how this may actually effect patients.
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