Day 58: 400 Day Challenge Thoughts: What are limits…

 Too often we set limits for ourselves. We like to believe that things are too hard, or that we are not capable of doing something, when the reality is, we have the ability to do whatever we set our mind too.
I hear this often: I am not able to do that, I could never do that, that just isn’t me. And while I always want to feel for them, I have started to realize that hard work really is the variable of success and no one grows from staying exactly where they are. I remember when I started running and I couldn’t make it half a mile. My sister use to yell at me and tell me it was mental and that I wasn’t weak physically, I just was weak mentally.
One thing I want everyone to realize is that
“What you are capable of doing is not dictated by what you have done, what you are capable of doing is dictated by what you are willing to do.”
And so no matter where you are at in your life. Do everything you can to improve your life every single day. Do not take things for granted. Do not just “hope” that your life will change or that things will improve – work every single day to get better. Work every single day to improve who you are. You are greater than you know, it just takes time and discipline to cultivate who you want to become.

You are capable of so much more than you think.


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