Day 57: 400 Day Challenge Thoughts – “Dr.” or doctor

So as most of you know, yesterday I decided to add to my 400 day challenge! I have run 57 days in a row and now I am journaling and sharing something I learn every single day so I can help improve myself as a brother, friend, husband, student, and so much more.

Life is about learning – and while I was running, I was reflecting on WHY I started running years ago. Something struck a cord with me. I never was one to say I wanted to “run a marathon” or I want to do a “triathlon”, NO I wanted to be a marathoner, I wanted to be a triathlete.

And while there is a small, yet subtle, difference in wording – the framework and context of how we  set up our goals and aspirations shapes how we work day in and day out.

At the end of the day, I don’t want to just be a Dr. I don’t just want the title of being a doctor. I want to embody what it means to be a physician. I want to be a doctor to my friends, my patients, my family, to the community around me, and everyone I come in contact with. Yes, I still have a long way to go to be a board certified physician, but I can work day-in and day-out to serve as an example of what it means to truly be a physician.  A doctor isn’t what I do, A doctor is who I am.



Hi! I am a third-year medical student and third-year PhD candidate with a passion for innovation, biomedical research, medical education, healthcare policy, biotechnology, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I am a bit of a non-traditional student as you can see from my personal bio. I am a host of medical podcast and the owner of an admission company focused on helping students get into the school of their dreams. I love educating and giving back so if you have questions feel free to email me!

What do you think?