What it means to be passionate…

I know I preach about hard work, but I think the word PASSION is better suited to what I truly mean. I am a passionate person, whether it is staying up late reading papers, studying for exams, running experiments over night, waking up early and working out, or vacationing with family - I go all in. I put hard work into everything I do, and when I preach about hard work, know that what I really mean is passion.

Is it ok to feel uninspired?

So, I sit here on this afternoon, and instead of forcing productivity or forcing myself to keep moving, I take a moment to stop and reflect. I take a moment to write and review my thoughts. Amidst the hurried pace and the speed of it all, it is important to step back and reflect.

400 Day Running Challenge – Day 56 Thoughts

Every day I run, I have use the time to meditate and reflect on how I can improve as a person. How can I be a better husband, a better brother, a better friend, a better scientist, a better medical student, a better podcast host, etc. Everyday I will report back with what I have learned or discovered. Growing, during a physical challenge, is only as useful as the lessons you learn and the lessons you take away from it. So today...

Lessons of 2017 — A personal Journey

Although this year has been a crazy ride — with more opportunities and projects than I could image, I have to stop to say thank you to all of my friends and family along the way. I am truly blessed and could not be more honored to have friends and family who care about me and who support me. For anyone who has read one of my posts or articles before, you know I love writing and sharing things. This year was the year I got back into good endurance shape and I also founded a podcast, started to help undergrads and premed students, and I helped with an exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum. I pushed myself physically, mentally, and emotionally and also had some humbling experiences along the way.

Why being bored increases your well-being.

But how does creativity improve our well-being? Boredom impacts our emotions, our behavior, or cognition, experience, and our physiology. Creativity improves our performance, allows us to make meaningful connections in our work, and improves our opportunities to attain social, emotional, cognitive, and experiential stimulation.