Can Walnuts Prevent Colon Cancer?


Let’s get Nutty!
Do Walnuts actually prevent or decrease your risk of colon cancer? This one had me puzzled for a long time, but the science says it does. BUT there is a huge caveat; 5 of the 6 articles that I found that had decent experimental design were funded by the California Walnut Commission! Now I normally don’t post studies where there is a conflict of interest, but some of the science in these articles was worth it.
From the literature that we have, and our current understanding, walnuts slow the growth of malignant tumors. Now they don’t prevent malignant cells from forming, but they slow the growth of tumors and suppress cancer stem cell growth through gene expression changes and pro-apoptotic pathways.
Also – Walnuts consumption shifts the composition of your gut microbiome and increases microbial diversity (in a good way).
As always I love answering your questions! Attached are a few of the articles I used to make this post.

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