400 Day Running Challenge – Day 56 Thoughts

Day 55: 
Obviously not me: Complements of Pixabay
Yesterday I finished running for the 55th day in a row. At the end of last year, I challenged myself to run 400 days straight. While most would think this is crazy – I figured It would be a fun Physical Challenge for me to tackle.
Yesterday, I woke up, got on the treadmill and starting running; but half way through my 6 miles, I realized the challenge wasn’t physical any more. The challenge of running 400 days in a row was actually mundane. It was a challenge of discipline – not a Physical Challenge.
Now while most would be content, I knew it was no longer worth being a true challenge. Over the years, I have learned that when I commit to something, I am pretty good about making it happen. And so while it was only Day 55, I already could see the finish line. So for a few hours I struggled. How could I make my 400 day challenge an ACTUAL challenge.
For my friends and family, you know this is why my wife is the best personal in the world. In a matter of seconds, she reminded me of what I seemingly struggle at and she knew exactly how to push me through my next barrier. Sure, most physical challenges are not real challenges to me, but by adding a mental, spiritual and psychological component – I could make it a challenge once more.
So here is what I am doing:
Every day I run, I have use the time to meditate and reflect on how I can improve as a person. How can I be a better husband, a better brother, a better friend, a better scientist, a better medical student, a better podcast host, etc. Everyday I will report back with what I have learned or discovered.
Growing, during a physical challenge, is only as useful as the lessons you learn and the lessons you take away from it. So today…
Day 56:
I reflected on the before, during, and after moments in life. I posted a short video on Instagram and Youtube about the lessons – go check them out to hear my lesson from today.
There is no “after or end” in life. Just because you lose weight, just because you accomplish your goal, just because you reach the finish line, you are not “done” you are still on the journey; the journey to a better life and the journey to continue to keep the weight off.
I’ll let my true AFTER photo be the last photo of me before I leave this world.


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